Tips for New Moms to get Some Sleep

As a new parent, you’ve probably done all you can to prepare for your newborn. From buying all the necessary items like baby blankets, Baby Bibs, feeding bottles, onesies etc. You’ve also prepared the nursery and even planned some kind of baby care schedule with you and your partner. You Are also probably going to stay home for a while to care for the new mom. However, one thing that most moms do not anticipate is how little sleep they will be getting after their newborn comes home. It can be quite overwhelming taking care of a bay and most of them do not sleep through the night and even during the day. Below are some tips that can help new moms get is much sleep so they are not too tired and sleep deprived.

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

While the baby naps, you might be tempted to do a bunch of things around the house that you’ve put off but that’s not a great idea. Keep the chores or errands or cooking for later and get a snooze in when your baby sleeps. This might be the only time you have to to have some quiet and alone time to actually relax. Doing chores when the baby is awake might be slower or more complicated but it can be done. On the other hand, sleeping when your baby is awake is impossible and dangerous (especially if you are the only caregiver). So get some sleep when the baby is sleeping no matter the time of day.

Go to Bed Early

If you are a night owl, after the baby comes you might need to change this. Going to bed early helps you to get enough sleep in and wake up early which is when the baby usually wakes up. Most babies wake up around 4 am or 5 am so if you stayed up till 2 am watching tv or even reading, you are going to get just a couple of hours of sleep in and you’ll be tired and drowsy all day. This ties in well with the previous point above. Go to bed is soon is your baby does so you have enough time to sleep and rest.

Breastfeeding While Lying Down

Horizontal breastfeeding is a good way to merge feeding and naptime. Most babies find it comforting and they fall asleep sooner after feeding and you get to fall asleep too. Take note to not only do horizontal breastfeeding all the time is most babies get used to it and can’t or won’t fall asleep otherwise. Mix it up every now and then so the baby gets used to different sleep positions and different ways of falling asleep.

Get Help or Assistance

I know some moms don’t have the luxury of getting someone to help them but if you can then you should take advantage of it and get some help. It could be a paid nanny or a family member or a friend. You could also get someone to help with the chores in the house so you can focus on the baby. For example, you could get someone to come in and clean the house or go on errands. If you are getting someone to help with the baby, make sure it is someone you can trust and have confidence in so that when they are with the baby your mind will be at rest. If you leave your baby with someone and all you do is panic and worry while you are away, it just defeats the purpose of you getting help in the first place.


Newborn babies need to feed every few hours, including in the middle of the night. You can share this task by pumping and storing breast milk so that person helping you or your partner can help feed them while you get some rest and some sleep. If possible, let the person helping you take the 3 am shift so you can rest at night when it’s quieter. It also gives the other people in your life a chance to bond with the baby and be a part of the process.

Get Rid of Distractions

Make sure that there aren’t too many distractions in the baby nursery or in your room so it’s easier for you to fall asleep. Draw the curtains and if possible make sure the room you are napping it id not painted with bright colors like yellow or orange. These colors make your senses more alert and it can be difficult to fall asleep and relax when your senses are overwhelmed by this color. Stick with cool colors like blue or grey for the nursery and for your bedroom

Pay Attention to Your Sleep Patterns

Pay attention to your sleep patterns and take note of how much sleep you are getting. Sometimes staying up all the time might be to some other sleep issues that have nothing to do with the baby. If you just had a baby your body has gone through an intense experience and some things could change like your sleep pattern or maybe even psychologically in terms of how you feel about resting. So track your sleep and talk to your doctor if you are not getting enough sleep.

Sleep Training

Sleep training is controversial but it is worth doing your own research to decide for yourself. You can start to sleep train your kid around 4 or 5 months. At this age, they can go all night sleeping without waking up to feed. This will ensure that night time both baby and mommy are getting their snooze in.